Book 3 in the Michael Butler Saga

Once again, Michael Butler’s friend Paul Collins, now head of security for a large casino, has asked for Butler’s help. This time it’s the notorious Tanzini Brothers, Butler’s wife Sophia’s mobster uncles, attempting to use the casino and the sport of harness horse racing to launder the rewards of their gangster schemes. Too well known to again go under-cover, Butler now must confront the possible involvement of his superstar wife in this threat to the integrity of the sport, as well as, the survival of their marriage and careers.

When mysterious cash begins to accumulate in an account at the Great Head Waters Casino in Central New York State, a few miles from Vernon Downs and the Butler’s horse racing base, the identity of the depositors is traced to Sophia Butler’s cousins, son’s of the Tanzini Brothers; a new generation following in the footsteps of their elders.

Michael Butler must first find out how deeply, if at all, his wife is involved.

And to make things worse, an investigative reporter, writing an article on the popular racing couple for a local newspaper, asks the Butlers for an interview…….. just a few questions about some mysterious goings-on from their past.

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