Saratoga Called

Book 2 in the Michael Butler Saga

It had been five years when Saratoga Called. Five years since Michael Butler had been banned from New York State Racing…five years since he had shot and killed Carlton DeVeb in self-defense, five years since he had gone undercover for New York State Racing to help bust a race fixing scheme. And now, five years later they wanted him back. The scourge of the harness horse-racing world had resurfaced: a drug that increased the racing performance of harness horses but could not be detected. He returned to New York determined to do his best to clean up the sport he loved….and on top of all that, She showed up.

They made a wonderful couple. Both devoted to the sport, hard working, talented, and ambitious. Together they battled the mob using their skills and guile. They hoped they had a future together but first they had to overcome the past and the present…and she had a secret.

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