The Marriage Buster

Book 2 of the Lucas Bowman Trilogy

The President of the United States has slapped an embargo on a rogue Iran. He has asked his intelligence service for a call to action. He wants some questions answered. Getting those answers requires thinking outside the box. And, someone has come up with a wild idea: Bring in the Marriage Buster to break up a marriage.

Lucas Bowman gets a mysterious call from the Bureau of Intelligence and Research. Days later he is recruited to join Kimberly Powers in an off-the-books government operation to break up the marriage of a United Arab Emirates’ Prince married to an Iranian woman from an influential Iranian family.

The operation’s objective: break up the marriage to preserve the Prince’s allegiance to America in the politically explosive Persian Gulf region.

The Plan: The Prince has a weakness…an obsession with odalisques, mythical sex slaves of past Sultans’ harems. His art collection of odalisque paintings is the finest in the world. What will be his reaction when he discovers odalisque paintings of Kimberly Powers, then meets her?

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