Vernon Fix

Book 1 in the Michael Butler Saga

Michael Butler’s father was falsely accused of harness horse race fixing and it destroyed his career. When Michael Butler arrived in Vernon, New York two days after graduating from high school to begin his career in harness horse racing he was immediately ensnared in an unforeseen series of events that unwittingly drew him into a web of illicitness and innocence lost. He was seduced by an older women, discovered a race fixing scheme, fell under the spell of a crooked gambler, and agreed to risk his life as part of an undercover operation to rid harness racing of a sport-destroying race fixing operation.

The man guilty of destroying Butler’s father’s career mysteriously appears at the very race track where Michael Butler has taken a job as a groom, bringing with him the same race fixing scheme that ruined his father. This time the fixer is backed by a notorious mob. Michael risks his life to expose the operation and help save the integrity of the sport. Driven by the desire to avenge his father, Butler must confront the dangers and price of “doing the right thing” at the expense of those he cares about.

Vernon Fix is Book one of a four book quartet. Vernon Fix’s shocking ending will haunt Michael Butler for the rest of his career.


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